Your Professional Custom Computer Builder

Our skilled experts always offer a high-grade build to match your needs

What does your perfect PC look like? Whether you are looking for a powerful office station for important daily work or a set-up ready for an all-night gaming session, we have you covered.

When it comes to custom PCs, we have the know-how. When you select Summer Fix as your custom computer builder, you are choosing a powerful build with longevity and upgradeability at the heart of our practice. We are passionate about giving our customers the best in class.

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General Pricing

  • Site Visit + Consultation – $120 (up to 2 hours visit in a 20Km radius)
  • Review and cleaning of amplifiers, computers and music keyboards – $80
  • PC Update – $150 (labour up to 4 hours with parts on top)

What is a Custom Computer Builder?

Discover how we can build your dream PC

As custom computer builders, we know what is important when it comes to your PC. Often, major computer manufactures decide to use cheap and unreliable components in their pre-built PCs. This means that you don’t really know what the quality of the build is and how reliable your computer will be in the future.

Choosing a custom build guarantees that you know exactly what is going into your computer and of what quality each component is. Additionally, customisation is practically limitless. Just a few of examples of exchangeable parts are:

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Storage (SSD or HDD)
  • Graphics Card
  • Motherboard
  • And much more

With this level of control over your computers build, it can be tailored to perform best at what type of task you need it to.

Affordable and Efficient Computer Build Services

Exceptional workmanship, without breaking the bank

Quality workmanship and value have been our main focus since day one. Especially when it comes to our unbeatable computer build services. We’re proud to offer Brisbane residents and businesses superior computer build. Take advantage of a professional diagnosis and a carefully planned and executed computer build for all of your electronic equipment.

It is our careful planning, strict commitment to safety and practicality that has allowed us to be industry leaders in computer build services. Additionally, our unbeatable industry experience allows us to install and service electronic equipment efficiently and with minimal disruption to your day.

Talk to the Computer Build Experts

Friendly, Industry-recognised Professionals

At Summer Fix Brisbane, all our team members are carefully selected to give you the best experience. We don’t just recruit industry-recognised computer build professionals but we also seek out those with a genuine passion for their work and people. After all, we guarantee that you’ll be dealing with friendly professionals that understand your needs.

Furthermore, our strength is in our professional team. Our computer build team is capable of completing professional builds for all computers. So for your next computer build, make sure your home, office or business is being looked after by a computer build specialist.