Expert Electronic Repairs Brisbane

Sometimes, our technology doesn’t work. If the problem isn’t covered by warranty, contact the experts at Summer Fix today for all electronic repairs. A majority of the time a simple fix can save you thousands of dollars and also save you a lot of time.

Summer Fix is a professional team of electronic equipment repairers dedicated to getting your home, office or business back on top! We offer efficient repair services at affordable prices backed by years of industry experience repairing a variety of electrical equipment faults. Having years of industry-experience, we’re confident that our team can offer you a superior electronic repair service that other cannot match.

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General Pricing

  • Site Visit + Consultation – $120 (up to 2 hours visit in a 20Km radius)
  • Review and cleaning of amplifiers, computers and music keyboards – $80
  • PC Update – $150 (labour up to 4 hours with parts on top)

Our services:

  • Computer repairs (Mac Repairs and PC Repairs)
  • Audio Repairs (and Sound System Repairs)
  • CCTV Repairs (System and Hardware)
  • TV Repairs
  • AV Repairs (Complete system repairs)
  • Multimedia Repairs
  • Video Projector Repairs
  • High-end Electronics Repair

What is an Electronic Repair service?

An electronic repair service is an approach used to diagnose and fix the faults or problems your electronic equipment may have. The majority of electronic repairs are simple faults because delicate components fail or connections are interrupted. A simple component replacement or re-establishing a connection can fix most “broken” or damaged electronic equipment.

Hence, this can save you thousands of dollars and a significant amount of time disposing of your old equipment and having to setup new equipment. Because let’s face it, long gone are the days where you plug something in and it’s ready to go. Even speakers require installation & setup! New TVs and computers require software installation. So let us help you stress less and enjoy more!

For a truly professional electronic repair service in Brisbane, get in touch with Summer Fix today!

Affordable and Efficient Electronic Repair Services

Exceptional workmanship, without breaking the bank

Quality workmanship and value have been our main focus since day one. Especially when it comes to our unbeatable electronic repair  services. We’re proud to offer Brisbane residents and businesses superior Electronic Repairs. Take advantage of a professional diagnosis and a carefully planned and executed repair for all of your electronic equipment.

It is our careful planning, strict commitment to safety and practicality that has allowed us to be industry leaders in electronic repair services. Additionally, our unbeatable industry experience allows us to install and service electronic equipment efficiently and with minimal disruption to your day.

Talk to the Electronic Repair Experts

Friendly, Industry-recognised Professionals

At Summer Fix Brisbane, all our team members are carefully selected to give you the best experience. We don’t just recruit industry-recognised electronic repair professionals but we also seek out those with a genuine passion for their work and people. After all, we guarantee that you’ll be dealing with friendly professionals that understand your needs.

Furthermore, our strength is in our professional team. Our electronics repair team is capable of completing professional repairs for all electronic equipment. So for your next electronics repair, make sure your home, office or business is being looked after by a repairs specialist.